Hippeh hipKey launched for iOS to keep track of your belongings

Hippeh has launched the hipKey - a Bluetooth-connected keyring that keeps a digital eye on your belongings, warning you if they're moved or left behind

20 Feb 2013
Hippeh hipKey

Danish start-up Hippih has announced the hipKey, an add-on for Apple's iPhone and iPad family which aims to make customers' belongings more secure.

Looking like a simple key-ring, the hipKey hides a Bluetooth 4.0 radio and motion-sensor inside its diminutive casing. Linked with an iPhone or iPad running the free hipKey app, the system digitally ties whatever the hipKey is attached to with the mobile device; should the item move out of a pre-set range, an alarm is sounded - whether that's because the user walked out of a coffee shop forgetting their bag, or because some light-fingered type has attempted to sneak away with their belongings.

The system can also be used to warn if a child is wandering away from its parent, by clipping the hipKey to his or her clothing, while an in-built motion sensor can trigger the alarm if a connected item is moved without the owner's knowledge - even if the item never leaves the ringfenced zone set by the app.

The company claims that its hipKey has other uses, too: pressing an Action button helps to find a lost phone by triggering an alarm and vibration, while the system can work the other way around to locate the user's keys from the smartphone. The system offers a claimed range of up to 50 metres, adjustable in three blocks: 2-5 metres, 15-20 metres, and 30-50 metres.

A Safe Zone system also turns the alarm system off when the user is in an area where he or she is at little risk of losing belongings, such as at home. Measuring 50mm diameter and 7mm thick, Hippeh claims that the hipKey is compact enough for almost any use - and an anodised aluminium casing means it should be robust, too.

"HipKey offers peace of mind to users, keeping track of their expensive items and loved ones when life gets in the way" Danny van der Poel, Hippeh's chief executive officer, said at the launch. "Everyone has, at one time, left an iPhone or iPad in a bar or coffee shop and returned too late to find it gone. And who has not left the house in a hurry and forgotten their phone. Carrying a hipKey with you means this will never happen again."

The hipKey is available now, priced at £69.95, and includes support for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini and iPod Touch 5th Generation.

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