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Great design, software and price make this a bargain DJ controller



The MC-2000's global controls are limited to browser navigation and track loading buttons. These consist of two buttons for loading tracks in to the two virtual decks, forward and back buttons for navigating the different browser levels and a rotary controller for scrolling through the browser menus and playlists. Surprisingly, given the small size of the MC-2000, there's plenty of space in between the global controls, so you're unlikely to hit the wrong button when loading or selecting a track under pressure.


We really like the MC-2000. We think the Traktor Kontrol S2 is a better controller if you only want to use Traktor Pro 2 and can afford the extra capital needed to buy it, but otherwise the MC-2000 is a fantastic entry-level controller from a company with sound DJing pedigree. The hot-cue, loop and effects controls are well implemented, the faders are decent, and it sounds good, too.

If you're new to DJing or just want a high quality controller for home use, you should try the Denon MC-2000.


Price £268
Rating *****
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