Valentine's Day gadget gifts to avoid

Valentine's Day and gadgets are a match made in marketing hell, here are 10 of the worst offenders

10 Feb 2012

We can see the point of Valentine's day - though of course we love our partners all year round regardless of the date - but the commercial side that goes with the day itself is pretty repulsive. At the bottom of the scale are love-themed gadgets, as there's nothing like cheap tech in a horrific colour scheme to woo your favourite man or lady.

Here are some of the worst bits of tat we could find on the internet for valentines this year. Do yourself a favour, buy champagne, buy flowers, buy chocolates, go out for dinner and have an early night. But don't buy any of this rubbish.

10. Love Mug

It’s easy to tell if your coffee’s warm because you’ve either poured it yourself or there’s smoky wisps rising from it. If, however, you’re married, engaged or living in sin with an imbecile then you may want to invest in this heat-changing mug. Not only will it tell them that you’re a soppy date, it’ll also let them know that their drink’s warm by presenting them with a heart-warming visual cue.

Love Mug

Love Mug

Love Mug

9. Hot Lips Lamp

Let’s face it – what could be tackier or more repulsive than a pair of nasty fake lips with a light bulb in them?

Hot Lips Lamp

Lips Lamp

Hot Lips Lamp

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