Targus announces Wi-Fi Laser Mouse

No Bluetooth, dongle, or wires to be seen

20 Sep 2011
Targus Wi-Fi Laser Mouse

Peripherals specialist Targus has announced a wireless mouse with a difference: rather than a proprietary wireless system that requires a dongle, or the still-not-ubiquitous Bluetooth standard, it uses Wi-Fi to connect to your laptop or desktop.

The Targus Wi-Fi Laser Mouse AMW58US includes all the functionality you would expect from a mid-range mouse: a laser-based optical sensor means that it can track movement on almost any surface, while a four-way scroll wheel makes it easier to navigate large documents and web pages.

The compact design of the mouse suggests that Targus is aiming at laptop, rather than desktop, users, offering a portable pointing device which can be connected to any laptop from the last few years without the need for a cable or dongle. Powered by two standard user-replaceable batteries, Targus claims that a single pair will power the device for up to twelve months depending on usage.

There is one slight problem with the clever Wi-Fi connectivity used by Targus: compatibility. Because the technology is new, it's currently only supported under Windows 7, Microsoft's latest operating system. Users of older versions of Windows including Vista and XP, or who have an alternative operating system such as Mac OS X or Linux, are left out in the cold.

Targus has announced its plans to launch the Wi-Fi Laser Mouse in the US soon at a recommended retail price of $49.99 (around £32), but has yet to confirm a UK launch.

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