CM Storm QuickFire Rapid review

A great value mechanical keyboard, if you don’t need a numeric keypad

8 Jun 2012
CM Storm QuickFire Rapid
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CM Storm, Cooler Master’s gaming division, has produced some excellent headsets in the past, but this is the first time we’ve put one of its keyboards through its paces. The Quickfire Rapid is a compact mechanical keyboard aimed at gamers with limited desk space.

You gain about 3in of desk space over a regular keyboard, as CM Storm has removed the numeric keypad. This frees up room for a larger mouse mat, making it easier to use lower-sensitivity mouse settings without bashing into the keyboard.

CM Storm QuickFire Rapid

The removable braided USB cable is a nice touch, as is the row of multimedia controls assigned as secondary functions to the F keys, but otherwise the keyboard is refreshingly devoid of superfluous features usually thrown into gaming peripherals.

It’s incredibly well built, with responsive mechanical keys that have precise actions and satisfyingly loud click noises. Because it uses fewer keys than other mechanical keyboards, it’s also one of the cheaper models we’ve seen – at £65, it’s great value for such a well-made mechanical keyboard.

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