Roccat Savu review

A reasonable mouse, but unless you really want mouse-driven achievements there are better alternatives

1 Jul 2012
Roccat Savu
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PC gamers haven’t jumped on the Achievement bandwagon in the same way as Xbox owners, but that hasn’t stopped Roccat from adding its own achievement system to its latest mouse. Now, every time you click, scroll or adjust sensitivity you’ll be working towards a series of trophies.

Roccat Savu

The Savu is otherwise a relatively plain five button mouse, with just a thin LED strip to give you any clue it’s aimed at gamers. It’s smaller than the flagship Kone+, so larger hands might feel a little cramped, and you don’t get a horizontal scroll wheel, but it does support the EasyShift system which doubles the number of available buttons using a macro key.

Unless you’ve always wanted to know how many times you’ve clicked your mouse, we don’t think that achievements alone aren’t enough to convince us that the Savu is worth £45. We like the design but if you can find another £10 the Kone+ is a better choice.

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