LG Touch 10 display announced for Windows 8 users

Ten-point capacitive multi-touch in a 23in desktop monitor

1 Nov 2012
LG Touch 10

LG's display arm has announced its first product designed specifically for Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system: the Touch 10 monitor.

Built for those who don't want to trade in their desktops for one of the growing number of hybrid laptop-stroke-tablets or all-in-one PCs hitting the market, but who still want to make the most of the touch-centric tile-based user interface found in Windows 8, the Touch 10 monitor packs a high-quality multi-touch panel in front of a 23in desktop monitor.

The monitor itself features a Full HD 1080p resolution (1920x1080), with the touch-sensitive layer supporting full ten-point capacitive multi-touch - the same as you could find on any high-end tablet device. A capacitive stylus accessory has also been announced, allowing users to draw directly onto the screen in a more controlled fashion, but this does not come bundled with the display.

The new user interface in Windows 8, previously known as Metro, is geared heavily towards touch-sensitive devices. Based on the interface used by Microsoft's Windows Phone platform, the tile-based system cries out to be touched - but with touch-sensitive monitors still rare, and users having to stretch their arm across their desks and hold them at shoulder-height to use the displays, it remains to be seen if touch technology can ever replace the trusty keyboard and mouse combination.

LG has announced it will be launching the Touch 10 monitor in its native Korea later this month, with an international roll-out due before the end of the year. Pricing for the display has not yet been announced, but it's expected to sit comfortably above that of similar non-touch monitors.

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