Roth AV launches Roth.2 SOF-a hands-free Bluetooth system

A departure from the norm for the British audio specialist

9 Nov 2012
Roth.2 SOF-a

Roth AV has announced its first Bluetooth-enabled hands-free speakerphone system: the Roth.2 SOF-a.

Designed as part of the company's effort to break out of its traditional audio-centric market, the SOF-a is acts as a traditional Bluetooth-connected speaker for smartphones, tablets and PCs. Audio streams played through the speaker are amplified automatically, but it's when a call is received on a connected smartphone that the device departs from Roth's usual offerings.

When used with a smartphone, the SOF-a responds to incoming calls by slowly fading the volume and replacing it with the phone's ringtone. Users can then either answer the phone as normal, or press the SOF-a's hands-free button to engage the in-built echo- and noise-cancelling microphone.

As well as the Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR radio system, the Roth.2 SOF-a includes a 3.5mm stereo jack for devices with no Bluetooth support and a 1,000mA USB output for charging smartphones or tablets automatically - although this does not provide audio transfer capabilities. The in-built amplifier offers two 5W audio channels connected to in-built speakers in the angled casing.

"When designing SOF-a we realised that rival products appear to underestimate the buying public – just because a hands-free speaker doesn’t cost three figures, doesn’t mean it must sound like a wasp trapped in a paper bag," Roth AV's founder James Roth said at the product launch. "The SOF-a won’t replace your £1000 hi-fi, but for the money it’s a seriously useful addition to your home's tech armoury."

The Roth.2 SOF-a is available now, priced at £49.99.

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