Bayan and Radiopaq announce 3XL and QX1 speaker and headphone bundle

Knocks £150 off combined RRP to spur Christmas sales

9 Nov 2012
Bayan Radiopaq bundle

Bayan Audio and its parent company Radiopaq have joined forces to offer a bundle deal through HMV's web and high-street shops, combining a Bayan 3XL Speaker Dock with a pair of Radiopaq QX1 headphones at a significant discount.

The Bayan 3XL is a 90W speaker dock designed for mobile devices, which can charge and play audio from Apple's iPod and iPhone along with selected Android and Windows phone 8 devices. Theres also a 3.5mm audio jack for playback on unsupported devices. The 9mm solid-wood casing, finished in white for that Apple-like aesthetic, includes an 8in bass driver with bass reflex port, 2in mid-range and 1in tweeter drivers set up in a pseudo-stereo configuration. An optional StreamPort adapter provides Bluetooth connectivity if required.

The Radiopaq QX1, meanwhile, includes bi-directional sound isolation and adjustable ambient noise filters which provide 85 per cent noise cancellation capability. Designed to mimic DJ headphones, the fully-adjustable QX1s use Radiopaq's Tilt & Swivel system for maximum comfort while providing protection to the speakers during transport. The connection cable can also be removed, if you'd rather use them like earplugs, with Radiopaq suggesting they're perfect for reading on a noisy flight.

At original retail prices, the two together would cost £349.99, but Bayan and Radiopaq appear to be marketing the pair aggressively ahead of the Christmas buying rush with the bundle available now for £199.99 from HMV stores and the Bayan Audio website.

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