Logic3 unveils new Ferrari Cavallino T350 headphones, Scuderia FS1 speaker dock

Both Ferrari-branded products to hit the UK this month

16 Nov 2012
Logic3 Scuderia FS1

Logic3 has extended its partnership with Ferrari by announcing a pair of new products: the Cavallino T350 headphones and the Scuderia FS1 speaker dock.

The Cavallini headphones takes design cues from the Ferrari road car of the same name, with a lambskin leather covering to the ear cups and headband and machine-crafted metal arms and housing to increase durability. Based around a 40mm high-efficiency driver set into a closed-back design, the headphones include active noise cancellation technology designed to seal the ear pads to prevent audio leakage - either from the outside world or from the headphones themselves.

The T350 headphones also include a three-button in-line remote for Apple devices, which can be swapped out with a one-button remote for other smartphones, tablets and MP3 players. The provided cable has a woven fabric finish designed to prevent tangling, the company claims, while accessories include a 6.3mm jack adapter and an aeroplane adapter.

The Scuderia FS1, meanwhile, is a 2.1-channel speaker system built into a single housing, powered by Logic3's patented Class HD amplifier technology which is claimed to deliver a high power density and high efficiency. A digital signal processor (DSP) controls crossover and equalisation, while the design mimics the creases and curves of the eponymous vehicle.

Bluetooth enabled as standard, the system includes an integrated dock for Apple devices with pass-through video output, a 3.5mm auxiliary input, and a pair of 52mm drivers connected to a 30W RMS amplification system.

The design of these products doesn't come cheap, however: Logic3 is launching both into the UK this month, priced at £299 for the Cavallino T350 headphones and £399 for the Scuderia FS1 speaker dock.