Fender launches iPad-connected USB Stratocaster guitar

14 Nov 2012
Fender Stratocaster

Squier sub-brand goes digital with new USB model

Fender has officially unveiled a new model of Squier Stratocaster with an integrated USB port.

Designed for use with Apple's iPad hardware and GarageBand software, the guitar's USB port allows the system to be connected directly to the tablet - or through an Apple Lightning Connector Adapter for those with new iPads - for direct digital recording. The system is also fully compatible with both OS X and Windows desktop and laptop computers.

As well as the integrated mini-USB port, the guitar includes a stereo headphone jack with volume control and a standard 1/4in jack for using the guitar with a traditional amplifier.

Aside from its clever digital connectivity, the guitar is a typical Squier Stratocaster with a sunburst body, six strings and the usual pickups and whammy bar, along with volume and tone control built into the body and a pickup select switch.

The release of the device comes as companies are increasingly looking to the iPad as a device for content creation, rather than just consumption. As well as numerous add-on keyboard modules, making typing significantly more comfortable, audio specialist Blue recently announced the Spark Digital condenser microphone, claimed to offer studio-quality recording when connected to an iPad using its integrated USB port.

The Squier by Fender USB Stratocaster is being sold exclusively through Apple stores, where it can be purchased for £159.95.

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