Korg MicroStation 61 brings sequencing to those on a budget

28 Nov 2012
Korg MicroStation 61

The Korg MicroStation 61 has launched, bringing a compact 61-key sequencing keyboard to the masses

The Korg MicroStation 61 has been formally announced, adding to Korg's line of multi-function sequencer keyboards.

Designed for musicians with restricted studio space or a limited budget, the Korg MicroStation 61 includes a 61-key 'Natural Touch' mini-keyboard, 480 built-in effects, dual arpeggiators and a 16-track MIDI recording system. Also aimed at first timers looking to get into music production, the system includes easily accessible loop recording tools and a Visual Grid Sequencing system.

Recorded tracks can be saved to an SD card using the integrated card reader and USB port is provided for connecting the MicroStation 61 to a PC. For those who choose the latter option, the keyboard includes MicroStation Editor and its matching Plug-In Editor software, allowing the user to edit the sequencer's built-in programmes, combinations, drum kits and arpeggio patterns without requiring additional software.

The controls, Korg claims, are designed to be easy for a novice to pick up: knobs and controllers are located in easily-accessible positions, while frequently used parameters can be assigned to the four real-time control knobs. An external switch also lets the MicroStation 61 control an external MIDI device and there's also a joystick for fine-grained control of various functions.

The Korg MicroStation is available now, priced at £250.

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