3M's CP45 pocket camcorder comes to the UK

31 Oct 2011
3M CP45

High-definition shooter includes clever pico-projector technology

Imaging specialist 3M has announced the UK availability of its clever CP45 pocket camcorder.

While the base specifications of the CP45 - which includes a five megapixel image sensor capable of recording 720p HD video or high-resolution stills, a 2.4in LCD display on the rear of the camera for framing and review, and 2GB of internal memory expandable via microSD cards - is nothing to get excited about, the top of the camera hides a clever extra: a built-in pico-projector.

The small lens on the top of the camcorder allows for an 800x600 projection of up to 65in diagonally, with no PC or additional objects required. Once in projector mode, the camera - controlled via playback buttons under the screen - is capable of projecting both video and still images.

While the brightness of the pico-projector - a somewhat disappointing 20 lumens - isn't great, it's a handy feature to have for instant review of shot footage in a larger group.

The CP45 is available now, priced at £300.

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