Honda opens UK's first hydrogen fuel station

First open access hydrogen refuelling station goes live

22 Sep 2011
Honda opens UK's first hydrogen fuel station

Honda's manufacturing facility in Swindon has become the home of the UK's first open access hydrogen refuelling station, as the company looks towards the release of its hydrogen-powered FCX Clarity.

Built and operated by industrial gas specialist BOC in partnership with Honda, the new station is open to anyone developing or using hydrogen-powered vehicles. Filling pressures of both 350 bar and 700 bar - the two most common pressures used in hydrogen power systems - are available.

Located half-way along the M4 between London and Swansea, the fully-operational commercial-scale refuelling station is hoped to serve as an example for future implementations, using tested technology in a way that can be easily replicated to create the network of hydrogen refuelling stations that would be required across the country to support fuel-cell-based transport.

"The change from conventional transport systems to sustainable, low carbon alternatives is one that can only be made through businesses and government working in partnership to develop innovative solutions," claimed Richard Kemp-Harper of the Technology Strategy Board, which helped bring the refuelling station to fruition. "This new refuelling station gives a real glimpse of the role hydrogen can play in practice. It is a great example of the kind of collaboration and innovation we need."

"Hydrogen fuel cell technology is the ultimate transport solution; meeting environmental demands but also delivering the range and performance that customers expect," added Honda's Thomas Brachmann. "The cooperation on this project between vehicle manufacturers like Honda, infrastructure providers like BOC and the public sector can be a blueprint for future development."

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