Ford MyFord Touch to get update

Company plans update to address concerns with system

7 Nov 2011
MyFord Touch

Ford has confirmed that its MyFord Touch infotainment system is getting an overhaul ready for 2013, with current models receiving the upgrade free of charge.

While MyFord Touch is certainly technologically impressive, the system came in for a certain amount of flak at launch for being overly complex and a trifle buggy, leaving motoring fans hoping that it would receive an overhaul rather than be abandoned at birth.

Ford has now confirmed that this is the case, offering a preview of its second-generation MyFord Touch system due for release with its 2013 car line-up.

The interface has been completely reworked, with over 1,000 of the MyFord Touch screens revamped for ease of use with larger fonts, more consistent design and a focus on most frequently used options to reduce confusion.

The back-end also enjoys a tweak, with the touch-screen response time halved - meaning a more responsive system - along with support for audiobooks and connections to Apple's iPad tablets.

All control systems are tweaked, not just the touch-screen, with an improved voice recognition engine from Nuance due to appear in the upgrade along with enhanced Bluetooth connectivity.

The real news, however, is that those who have already invested in a vehicle equipped with a MyFord Touch system will receive the upgrade free of charge, starting next year.

However, we're not sure what this will mean in the UK. Due to translation issues, MyFord Touch will launch in the UK in 2012. We hope that the new update doesn't delay this further.

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