Toyota goes digital with TPEG Toyota Touch Pro

RDS-TMC traffic information replacement promises vastly improved performance

16 Feb 2012
Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota has announced that it has become the first manufacturer in the UK to provide drivers with traffic information via the Travel Protocol Expert Group (TPEG) standard.

Based on Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) radio technology, TPEG boasts an increase in detail, location accuracy and speed compared to traditional analogue RDS-TMC traffic information systems. Toyota has confirmed that TPEG will form the heart of the Toyota Touch Pro multimedia system fitted as standard in its 2012 Land Cruiser V8 and available as an optional extra on the 2012 Prius T Spirit.

Designed as an upgrade to its existing Toyota Touch system, Toyota Touch Pro features an integrated DAB tuner which receives TPEG information to provide detailed, accurate and timely traffic information to the driver. Linked to the vehicle's satellite navigation system, Toyota claims its TPEG-equipped multimedia system allows for more efficient journey planning.

Compared to RDS-TMC, which uses analogue FM radio channels to transmit its data, TPEG boasts ten times the bandwidth for vastly more detailed information. As well as traditional details such as the location of accidents or roadworks, TPEG allows the driver to receive details on traffic speeds, queue lengths and the impact of a delay on actual travel time.

Accuracy is also improved, with incidents being more precisely located rather than the general area alerts of RDS-TMC, Toyota claims. Finally, Toyota's testing reveals that a TPEG-based system can provide traffic information and incident alerts up to five times faster than the RDS-TMC analogue service, providing the advanced warning needed for drivers to avoid tailbacks and congestion.

While Toyota is the first manufacturer to include the technology in its vehicles, it's unlikely to be the last. Expect similar announcements from the major manufacturers in the coming months.

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