Volkswagen recalls Beetles over airbag flaw

21 Nov 2012
Volkswagen Beetle

Child seat sensor malfunction could lead to injury

Volkswagen has announced a recall affecting 2012-2013 model Beetles, concerning an issue with the front passenger airbag that could result in a potentially fatal incident.

According to VW, the recall affects new-model Beetles manufactured between February 2012 and August 2012 with the optional leather sports seats fitted - around 2,500 vehicles in total.

Those vehicles affected by the flaw are unable to detect when a child's car seat is fitted into the front passenger seat. Ordinarily, a sensor disables the passenger-side airbag when a child's car seat is fitted, but in the affected models this does not happen - meaning that if there is an accident and the airbags deploy, the child risks injury or even suffocation as the adult-size airbag bursts forth.

The company has not reported any such thing as having happened, thankfully, and is merely recalling the vehicles as a precaution. Those vehicles that are affected will have their control modules replaced free of charge, while in the meantime drivers are advised to place children in the back of the vehicle rather than the front.

Volkswagen has stated that it will be contacting those affected by the flaw to arrange a repair, with those who are concerned that their vehicle might be affected welcome to get in touch with their local dealership for more details.

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