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13 Feb 2009
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Considering the price of Navigon's 1210, you'd expect it to be a UK maps-only model.

However, roads for 40 European countries are included. Most satnav companies will charge you close to the price of the 1210 just to upgrade to full European map data.

In most other respects, the budget nature of this satnav makes itself plain. The build quality feels worse than other devices here, and getting the device in and out of its docking cradle is fiddly. The old-fashioned interface isn't quite as polished as others, either.

The basic destination screen lets you enter an address or postcode, search the POI database or look for three categories of POI directly. By default, these are petrol, parking and restaurants, but this can be customised. Unlike most other satnavs, entering the postcode doesn't let you choose the exact house number. Still, you can calculate routes for fast, standard or slow cars, as well as motorbike, lorry, bicycle and pedestrian. A scenic route option is available alongside the more usual fast, optimum and short options.

The navigation view isn't the best we've seen, but it's perfectly functional. Your next turning is clearly illustrated, with a readout showing remaining distance and ETA. There's even lane guidance, although this is symbolic rather than a full-screen realistic graphic. With all these things onscreen, the 3½in display can look extremely cluttered.

Safety camera information isn't on by default; you need to enable it manually. The device is also set to warn you when you stray 5mph over the limit in built-up areas, and 10mph outside, but you can increase this up to 20mph if you are prepared to gamble with your driving licence. Amusingly, the actual speed warning is simply the word 'Beware', which hardly seems appropriate to breaking the speed limit.

Although Navigon's 1210 is far from perfect, it does the job well. With Full European maps for under £100, it's good value.

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