Canon announces EOS 7D 2.0.X firmware update

Higher burst rate, more control, audio tweaks and in-body RAW processing

28 Jun 2012
Canon EOS 7D

Canon has announced a new firmware release for its EOS 7D digital SLR camera, designed to add more control and tweaking a few settings.

Firmware version 2.0.X, adds a higher maximum burst rate of 130 JPEG large/fine images or 25 RAW images at eight frames per second - an increase from the original firmware's 126 JPEG images and 15 RAW images. For videographers, the firmware adds manual audio level adjustment - a feature borrowed from the 7D's more-expensive sibling, the EOS 5D Mark II. When enabled, recorded audio can be adjusted to one of 64 levels with a live-view meter offering feedback of clipping.

Another surprising feature is the ability to process RAW images directly in the camera body, allowing dynamic adjustment of exposure compensation, white balance, picture style, noise reduction, distortion correction and other tweaks without the need to transfer the images to a PC first. Once edited, images can be re-saved as JPEG files - a major time saver for photographers on the go.

Finally, the firmware adds customisation for ISO Auto settings. When the camera is in M, P, TV, AV or B modes, users can set the maximum allowable ISO level up to ISO6400.

Additional tweaks which don't change the picture quality but do add some increased functionality include the ability to modify the first four characters of image filenames, for photographers shooting with multiple cameras, along with support for the GP-E2 GPS receiver. When connected to the camera's USB port or accessory shoe, the GP-E2 records shooting locations and camera direction and additionally synchronises the camera's internal clock.

Sadly, EOS 7D owners eager to get their hands on the improved functionality will have to wait: the firmware update, which will be provided free of charge to all owners, isn't due for release until August.

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