FujiFilm MX-1500 review

19 Mar 2002
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Despite its tiny size, the MX-1500 is one of the better-endowed cameras around, boasting a 1.5-mega-pixel count.

This does mean that the 4Mb SmartMedia card Fuji supplies can only hold five top-quality images at 1,280x1,024 - but if quantity is more important than quality, you can fit 22 more compressed images of the same dimension.

The MX-1500's small size is at odds with its greedy appetite for batteries. Most difital cameras use four AA batteries, but there's only room for two inside this Fuji - and this has an inevitable effect on battery life.

Although the screen isn't particularly large, it is razor sharp. Reviewing the photos you've just taken is made even easier by a zooming-in function, which allows you to view snaps at four times magnification. This makes up in part for the lack of a separate control panel, with only the power switch and activate button on the top of the camera. The Fuji is easy to use, though, thanks to clear icons selected with a dial at the back of the camera. You can even apply special effects to your pictures - these include colouring them sepia or black-and-white.

In our indoor tests, the MX-1500 came second only to the Epson PhotoPC 800, which costs a good deal more. Colours were excellent, but clarity and focus weren't quite as good. Outdoors, it retained focus right across the photo, and captured the varying tones of wood well. You could easily pick out distant details such as door hinges, with quality again a close second to the Epson.

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