FujiFilm DX-10 review

19 Mar 2002
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The DX-10 is the same size as its big brother, the MX-1500, but does suffer in direct comparison with its more expensive colleague.

For one, it doesn't have any sort of protection for its lens other than the transparent plastic moulding built into the case. In fact, the general build quality repeatedly reminds you that the DX-10 is the poorer sibling of the MX-1500.

At least it shares a lot of the MX-1500's enticing features. Its controls are easy to access via the LCD panel at the rear. It boasts a 1.6x digital zoom, as well as a host of special effects, like a facility adding sepia tones. And unlike the MX-1500, it has space for four batteries, giving it a considerably longer active life.

It has a maximum image size of 1,024x768, and can fit 13 fine and 26 normal images onto the 4Mb CompactFlash card supplied.

At this price, and at that resolution, we weren't expecting great photos, but the DX-10 actually shows some of its more expensive rivals a thing or two. In our outdoor test photo, colours were realistic and the camera's focus well maintained. Admittedly, the DX-10 didn't capture as much detail as the MX-1500, but it still outperformed the Kodak DC215. It performed less impressively in our indoor tests, showing a lack of focus and subdued colours.

Considering the camera's price, its failings can easily be forgiven, and we'd recommend it to anyone buying on a budget.

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