Olympus TG-820 rugged compact camera launched

Waterproof, crushproof and ready for 1080p Full HD action

9 Feb 2012
Olympus TG-820

Olympus has revealed its latest compact digital camera, due to go on sale later this month: the ruggedised TG-820.

Based around a 12-megapixel CMOS sensor behind a 5x optical zoom lens which remains entirely within the body at all times, Olympus is hoping to tempt outdoorsy types away from rival brands with industrial looks and some impressive features.

Featuring a double-locking armoured case with metal lens barrier, the TG-820 is designed for use in some fairly extreme scenarios. The camera claims to operate perfectly well in temperatures of up to minus 10 degrees Celsius and in water at depths of up to 10m - although we'd suggest you don't try both at the same time, unless you want to see what a block of ice looks like from the inside.

In-body features include iHS low-light shooting capabilities, a pseudo 3D photography mode, high-dynamic range functionality and image stabilisation. An HDMI port provides connectivity to an external display. Video recording is also supported at resolutions of up to 1080p Full HD.

The rear of the device includes a three-inch LCD display for image review and framing, although this isn't a 3D screen: if you're making use of the camera's 3D shooting functionality, you'll have to wait until you can transfer the resulting image to a compatible device to see how it turned out.

The Olympus TG-820 is due to launch later this month, with UK pricing yet to be confirmed.

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