Oakley AirWave ski goggles provide head-up data display

30 Oct 2012
Oakley Airwave

Smartphone connectivity lets you check your messages on the slopes

Sunglasses giant Oakley has officially announced its AirWave snow goggles, designed to protect the user's vision while providing connectivity for smartphones and tablets.

The goggles, which provide all the usual protection against wind, impact and snow-blindness, are equipped with a small computer with integrated GPS satellite navigation capabilities, accelerometer-based jump analytics and Bluetooth connectivity to compatible smartphones and tablets.

When paired with a mobile device, the goggles also gain the ability to display emails and text messages, caller ID and music controls in a head-up display based around a miniature prism lens. The display, Oakley claims, provides the illusion of a 14in monitor positioned around 1.5 metres away from the viewer, disappearing from view when the user is no longer focusing on the prism lens.

For skiers, snowboarders and other adventurers, the system provides analysis of jump height, jump length and overall airtime, and is able to overlay maps of popular ski resorts. These maps can also be used to track others in your party, either through their own Oakley AirWave goggles or through an Oakley smartphone app. Data on location, altitude, velocity and vertical descent can also be tracked and recorded.

The system is operated through a wireless remote, designed to be used while wearing ski gloves, worn around the wrist. The goggles are due to launch later this week, with no word on official pricing yet available.

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