Tomb Raider Anniversary

21 Jun 2007
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Lara Croft gets a wash and brush-up for 2007. Good to see Lara donning her hot pants again in this fine reboot of the first Tomb Raider.


The newest game in the long-running franchise is here, and oddly enough it owes most to its oldest relation, the original Tomb Raider.

Since Lara Croft's first outing in 1996, the average PC has got vastly more powerful, and it shows. Our well-endowed heroine is nimbler than ever, but prise your eyes from her rear and the game's graphical overhaul is gob-smackingly impressive. Since this is a remake of the first game, the gameplay is better than the intervening releases, with mind-teasing puzzles. Some of the old magic is definitely back.

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