Free Xbox 360 console for 10-year Xbox Live veterans

14 Nov 2012
Xbox 360 10 year console

Ten years of service could earn you one

Microsoft is celebrating tomorrow's ten-year anniversary of Xbox Live by sending some long-term subscribers a free special edition Xbox 360. One lucky recipient in the US has already got his - with a rather natty grey paint job and ten year logo.

It's not yet clear what the exact requirements are for getting such a free device. Though to qualify for ten years of Xbox live you'd have to have signed up for the service upon its launch way back in November 2002 on the original Xbox. If you don't remember playing MotoGP or Ghost Recon on the big black behemoth then you were probably too late.

Xbox 360 10 year console

Xbox Live's ten-year anniversary is a major celebration for Microsoft, with the service having proved to be highly-profitable and popular - with none of the problems that Sony's free equivalent has suffered at the hands of hackers. Charging for online gaming seemed like a risky proposition back in 2002, but it paid off and has put Microsoft in a very strong position when it comes to selling content to those subscribers.

We have one potential recipient in the office, but we seriously doubt Microsoft will be sending the consoles out to everyone, and the gift may simply be limited to first so many hundred, or thousand, US subscribers.

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