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PS4 interface - Full HD shots surface online

  • PS4 tiled main interface
  • PS4 logo
  • PS4 tablet interface - game page
  • PS4 smartphone streaming
  • PS4 trim video
  • PS4 share menu
  • PS4 tablet interface - profile page
  • PS4 interface - profile page

We saw flashes of the PS4 interface during the announcement event last week, we even screen-grabbed some at the time and put them up in our PS4 release date, specs & price rumours - which breaks down everything you need to know about PS4 into easy to digest sections.

Now, though, Shiny Full HD stills have found their way onto the internet courtesy of Game No Hanashi. The stills mean you can take a much more detailed gander at what teh PS4 interface should look like. Now, we can't be sure to what extent these are real grabs, mock ups, or something polished in-between.

However, they so give you a good feel for the interface and its social network functions. As with the announcement, these screens are all based around upcoming action/platform/RPG title Knack.

We'll breakdown each one below, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them:

PS4 tiled main interface

ABOVE - This looks to be main interface, the style (font and colours) are reminiscent of the current PSn store, but the design looks more akin to Windows 8's live tiles - though it's impossible to see from this if they are updating in real-time

PS4 tablet interface - game page

ABOVE - Next up is this tablet-styled shot of a game page. From here you can launch the game, see friends who also own it, check your trophies, and access media (such as uploaded videos) related to the game

PS4 tablet interface - profile page

ABOVE - This tablet-styled shot shows a gamer's profile page, with live information about what he's playing (and the option to join in) plus recent games and media he's accessed, trophies icons to message or chat with him

PS4 share menu

PS4 trim video

BOTH ABOVE - The PS4 constantly stores a buffer of gameplay video, so you can choose at any time to share a clip, or a screenshot from it, to Facebook or other services by simply pressing the share button on the new DualShock 4. This menu also lets you start broadcasting your gameplay. The second shot show the simple video trimming tool

BELOW - This final one shows live gameplay being streamed from a PS4 to a smartphone. You can see the player in the bottom-right of the game screen. Those watching can comment on the stream and presumably chat with the player

PS4 smartphone streaming

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