Halo 4 launch-day glitches mar multiplayer experience

343 Industries promises fixes are incoming for game bugs

7 Nov 2012
Halo 4

First-person shooter Halo 4, the first major title in the series to be developed by 343 Industries rather than its original developer Bungie Studios, is facing a few launch-day troubles as gamers report server errors during multiplayer combat.

The game, which sees the player take on the role of the Master Chief, an armoured super-soldier equipped with the latest weapons in his battle against the alien forces known as the Covenant, saw rapid sales during its world-wide midnight launch - but that very success appears to be costing its fans their early access.

Those who have picked up the game and immediately jumped into the multiplayer mode, a popular pastime for Halo fans, have reported significant server problems ranging from a general inability to connect to game servers and set up matches to more bizarre errors such as misreported game modes and inaccurate character stats. For a game in which fans enjoy competing with each other in tournament play, the latter is a particular problem.

Developer 343 Industries, which took over the series from creator Bungie, has admitted that there are glitches. "We hear you and apologise for the inconvenience," the company explained in a statement to gamers. "The team is currently investigating the issue and [...] will provide updates as we work on a fix. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience."

With many long-time Halo fans having publicly wondered whether 343 Industries can do Bungie's series justice, the company will have to work quickly to fix the flaws if it wants to retain the franchise's legendary fan loyalty.

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