Razer Game Booster opens for public beta testing

Promises performance boost, easy gameplay video creation

22 Nov 2012
Razer game booster

Razer has announced its Game Booster software is now open to the public, allowing users to test out its claims of performance-enhancing tweaks for gamers.

Based on the Game Booster software from developer IObit, Razer Game Booster is claimed to improve performance on gaming PCs by temporarily shutting down or suspending unnecessary background tasks in order to maximise the resources available to a game. As a result, the company claims, the computer can concentrate on running just the game - boosting framerates and reducing lag.

When the player has finished and exits the game, the closed background applications are invisibly restarted. This, Razer claims, means that users get the best of both worlds: peak performance for gaming, and ease of use for general-purpose computing. As well as the application-killing aspects, Razer Game Booster also includes an in-built tool to update hardware drivers, defragment game files and system files, and numerous tweaks designed to boost the overall performance of a system.

It's the extensions that Razer has provided beyond IObit's original Game Booster software that are of most interest, however. In addition to performance-boosting capabilities, the software includes integrated support for capturing video, audio and screenshots during a gaming session. These files can then be uploaded and shared, providing an easy way for gamers to show off their skills or create tutorials.

Previously, Razer Game Booster was only available to a select few as part of a closed private beta testing programme. While still not ready for a prime-time release, the company has officially opened the beta to all. The software can be downloaded from the company's official website.

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