Nintendo offers free games to first UK Wii U customers

Discounts and goody bags on offer for Nintendo fans, too

26 Nov 2012
Nintendo wii U

Nintendo has announced an incentive for shoppers to queue up for its Wii U games console at launch, offering free game, goodie bags and discounts to its fans.

The company plans to encourage gamers to arrive early for its late-night launch event on the 29th of November at the Oxford Road HMV in London by offering the earliest adopters free games: the first 100 people to purchase a Wii U at the store will receive a copy of Super Mario Bros. U free of charge along with a second game chosen from the list of launch titles available for the UK.

For those who only managed the 101st or later place in the queue, there are still some incentives for standing out in the cold: the company has announced that the next hundred customers will receive a £5 discount off their purchase. Finally, the first 500 customers overall will receive free goody bags - although the contents of these has yet to be revealed.

The announcement shows that Nintendo is eager to get some positive press for its next-generation console, using giveaways and incentives to encourage fans to line up outside the store in a nice crowd for the media's cameras to snap. It's something the company desperately needs, following reports of launch-day bugs and problems with the console following its US launch earlier this month. With gamers complaining of massive 5GB launch-day patches, poor quality graphics on cross-platform game ports, and HDMI compatibility issues, Nintendo's next-generation console will have its work cut out to compete with established rivals from Sony and Microsoft - despite its clever tablet-like control system.

The Wii U launches nationwide on the 30th of November, priced from £260.

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