Xbox 360 dashboard update fixes SmartGlass, Video and Music issues

The latest Xbox 360 dashboard update fixes SmartGlass, video and music playback

28 Nov 2012
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A new Xbox 360 dashboard update has added numerous fixes to video and music playback on the console, forcing Microsoft to break its traditional update schedule.

The most important fix comes to the Xbox Video service, which allows users to rent or buy TV programmes and films for download or instant streaming. Prior to the update, users who relied on closed-captioning to provide subtitles would find themselves unable to follow the film due to an error with subtitle display. The update fixes this issue, along with another problem with streaming audio through the Xbox Music service.

Those who use Microsoft's SmartGlass software, which lets players control the Xbox 360 through a smartphone or tablet and is able to display information directly on the device's screen as a secondary display, will also be pleased to hear the update has fixed issues with playlist support on the app. Prior to the update, launching a saved playlist through SmartGlass would display one name on the smartphone and another on the Xbox 360's display - but the fix resolves this problem and puts things back the way they should be.

Microsoft's decision to release the upgrade now, rather than wait until its regular release cycle rolls around, shows a clear focus on providing a full home entertainment package on what was once a device designed purely for gaming. It also provides further meat to the rumours that Microsoft is planning to launch an Xbox TV set-top box which will concentrate on media streaming and casual gaming functionality.

The update is available now, with users being prompted to install it next time they connect to Xbox Live.

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