Crysis 3 PC system requirements released

Quad-core system with 8GB of memory recommended

3 Dec 2012
Crysis 3

Crytek has released the official system requirements for its upcoming game Crysis 3, the latest instalment in a series known for pushing gaming hardware to its absolute limit. Though the minimum specs aren't as tough as you might expect.

According to Crytek, the game will require a Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 system - with the outdated Windows XP not able to play the game at all - with a DirectX 11-capable graphics card featuring at least 1GB of graphics memory. A dual-core CPU will be required, along with 2GB of memory - 3GB if you're running the less efficient Windows Vista.

That will be enough to play the game at minimum settings, but the company has also detailed the system required to play the game as it should be played: while the graphics card and operating system requirements are the same, Crytek recommends a quad-core processor and at least 4GB of system memory.

Finally, the company has released its 'high-performance' specifications, the specification required to start turning up the graphics settings or playing at higher resolutions. For that, Crytek recommends a high-end graphics card like the Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 or AMD Radeon HD 7970 or better, a high-performance quad-core processor and at least 8GB of memory.

The system requirements, and in particular the mention of a quad-core processor being recommended, point to yet another high-end games engine from the company, and one which will push even the highest-specification gaming machine to its limits. Crytek has a tradition of developing for next-generation hardware, so even those who reach the 'high-performance' level may find the game won't run smoothly with all the graphical settings turned up to their highest level.

Crysis 3 is due to launch in February next year.

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