Xbox 360 SmartGlass update adds iPhone 5 support, The Dark Knight Rises content

Microsoft's Xbox 360 SmartGlass software now supports the iPhone 5, as well as Storyboards, trivia and quotes

6 Dec 2012
Xbox 360 SmartGlass

The Microsoft Xbox 360 SmartGlass smartphone app has been updated to add support for the Apple iPhone 5, as well as bonus content for the Dark Knight Rises.

Designed to turn a smartphone or tablet into a secondary screen, SmartGlass provides Xbox 360 users with the ability to control their console remotely. The 'mouse' cursor in the games console's Internet Explorer web browser can be controlled via touch, text entry can make use of the device's keyboard, and additional detail on currently-playing content can be accessed.

Those running Apple's latest iPhone 5 handset, however, have been badly-served by the software. Although SmartGlass runs on the iPhone 5, it does so without taking full advantage of the larger and taller retina-class display on the device - leaving unsightly black bars at the top and the bottom. Microsoft's latest update for the software resolves this, putting in full support for the non-standard - in iPhone terms - aspect ratio of the iPhone 5's display.

In addition to this and a handful of unspecified bug fixes, the update also provides access to bonus content tied to the final entry in the new Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. Users who purchase the film on their Xbox 360 consoles through Xbox Video - where it is not yet available to rent, sadly - will be able to use SmartGlass while the film is playing to access storyboards, trivia quotes and additional bonus content that those without SmartGlass will be unable to see.

The update for iPhone 5 support comes just one week after Microsoft released a separate version for Android tablets which makes better use of the screens of 7in tablets like the Kindle Fire HD and the Nexus 7, and shows that the company is serious about reinventing the Xbox 360 as a full home entertainment package rather than just a games console.