Nintendo promises to fix poor UK Wii U sales

Retailer discounts haven't helped drive up sales of Nintendo's innovative Wii U, but the company promises it has a plan that will help the console get back on top

22 Mar 2013
Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo has responded to concerns that its Wii U games console is not selling as well as hoped, promising a new strategy to reignite interest in the innovative device.

Slow sales of the Wii U, the first next-generation console to hit the market, have been blamed on a lack of content for the platform. While a reasonably strong launch line-up was announced, there has been little follow-up with no new first-party titles being launched between January and now. While Nintendo is working to correct that, launching a series of new titles this week, it hasn't helped push consumers towards the Wii U - despite retailers including Amazon, Asda and GameStop choosing to discount the device by £50 in the hope of driving new sales.

With reports coming in that retailers are reducing their orders for the console, it's clear Nintendo has to do something to win back support for the device - and it promises it has a plan to do just that.

Speaking to games retail industry site MCV, Nintendo claims it has a plan it will be unveiling in the coming weeks to help bolster consumer interest and retail performance of the console.

"We’ll be speaking to our retailers directly over the next few weeks to take them through our plans for building Wii U momentum over the course of 2013," an unnamed spokesperson said in response to the site's queries. "We have a strong and broad line-up of software launching this year and we look forward to updating – and exciting – our partners over the coming weeks."

With new titles - including Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, LEGO City: Undercover, and Need for Speed Most Wanted U - starting to appear, it remains to be seen if Nintendo can summon up the interest it needs to prevent the its console from being lost in the hype surrounding Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4.

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