Xbox One stock, price, pre-order, specs and news

Xbox One stock, price, pre-order, specs and news - everything you need to know about the next-gen console

UPDATED 27/11/13: The Xbox One is now available in the UK

You can read our full Xbox One review now with all the details you need to work out if it's the next-gen console for you.


The Xbox One has been unleashed across the world, with millions of Xbox One Day One Edition consoles, complete with Kinect and a free copy of FIFA 14, now in the hands of gamers. If you don't have one yet, then the stock situation isn't looking great.

On the Amazon Xbox One page the console (with FIFA 14 for free) isn't available to order at present, though more stock will reportedly be available soon.

Other retailers are using the stock shortage to profit from desperate gamers. One good example being this Xbox One with six games for £699 from Game, which is guaranteed for Christmas. In fact the only consoles from the retailer for the holidays are all priced at around this level.

Argos doesn't appear to have any stock at present. But Tesco has stated that it will be receiving more stock closer to Christmas, so that's a good place to snoop around.


The Xbox Day One Edition is now sold out. Unless you're happy to pay ludicrous money to some dirtbag on eBay who bought one to profit from the likes of you. Then again we wouldn't worry overly, as the special edition of the console is pretty unspecial.

Xbox One

The controller is the only real difference, it has a Day One logo on the middle and comes with a chromed effect d-pad. You also get an achievement on Xbox Live if you like that sort of thing.


The Xbox One costs £429 for the console, one controller, Kinect and the various leads you need. Official accessories are now available. An Xbox one controller costs £45 on Amazon or £55 in a bundle with the Play & Charge kit. An official headset will be included in the box, but you may not need it often as the Kinect sensor has noise-isolating microphones that should be able to pick up your voice clearly over the sound of your games.

Console manufacturers frequently sell their systems at a loss, making money from online services and games sales over time. Microsoft has set the RRP for first party Xbox One games at £49.99 here in the UK, which is the same as the Xbox 360. Most retailers discount this RRP, so £45-48 is about what you'll pay for a game at launch.

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