Warner Interactive Lego Batman: The Videogame review

21 Nov 2008
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The Lego games have certainly drawn on some quality source material, starting with Star Wars (twice), then Indiana Jones and now Batman. However, the repetition of the punch-and-puzzle formula is starting to wear a little thin.

Lego Batman: The Videogame is styled more after the zany camp of the TV version than the far darker movies of late. Unlike previous games, which slavishly follow their source material's set-pieces, Lego Batman isn't bound to a specific plot, which makes it feel more lively. Batman's adversaries are far more outlandish than anything Indy can muster. There's also a greater emphasis on vehicles to pilot (and destroy), and on collecting new suits with special abilities within the level.

That's not to say it strays far from the beaten path set down by its predecessors; the path has simply been jazzed up a bit. The game is still all about switching between characters to duff up enemies, collect Lego pieces and solve puzzles through simple building. If you've conquered all three of the other Lego games, the sense of familiarity can be a little crushing.

The surprises are more aesthetic than anything else. This game is certainly the best-looking of the bunch, to the point where it almost departs from its Lego origins. It's as charming to play as it is to watch, but it's very much at its best in co-op mode, with two players working together to solve the puzzles and defeat the henchmen.

With no new Lego game on the horizon, this hopefully marks an end for this now tired template. That said, in many ways Batman is the best one yet, and if you haven't played any of the others, you're guaranteed a grand old time. However, fans of Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones have been here before.

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