YouView and YourView in name trademark row

15 Nov 2012

Judge upholds small Cheltenham firm's claim to brand

Sir Alan Sugar's YouView PVR franchise may be in for a costly rebrand after the High Court upheld another company's claim to the on-demand TV service's name.

"YourView" is the name of an online customer service portal run by Total Telecommunications Ltd., of Cheltenham. According to a statement released by Total Ltd., the company had successfully registered "Your View" as a trademark on 20th November 2009.

YouView TV Ltd attempted to register the trademark "YouView" on 1st April 2010, but this was contested by Total Ltd. Two years later, at the end of May 2012, the court found in favour of Total, judging that the two names were "confusingly similar".


POSH - YouView's headquarters in London


MINNOW - Total Telecommunications is based somewhere behind the 288 Bar & Wok on Cheltenham High Street

By this point YouView was about to launch, so appealed against the ruling, but on Friday 9th November 2012 Mr Justice Floyd of the High Court dismissed the appeal.

Despite this, according to a statement released by the company, "YouView has no intention of changing its name". Looks like Lord Sugar, Sir Charles Dunstone et al may have to pony up for a settlement to Cheltenham.

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