NO Starch Press Now Playing: Visual Basic 2005

27 Jul 2006
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Wallace Wang's book is helpful if you like hands-on, how-to-do-it style explanations.

For just £14 you get two CDs containing Visual Basic Express Edition, a wealth of examples and some tutorial videos. However, the projects are a curious mix of very practical tasks - such as how to drop a control on to a form and what to do with one - and more esoteric topics such as queues and stacks. Surprisingly, you don't meet functions and subroutines until the book is very nearly over. Basic control structures, such as loops, are also left to the very end and run into advanced topics such as using a database.

It's a very strange order in which to tackle ideas and you might end up with a patchy mastery of VB. However, the price is so low that it's still a very good buy.

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