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19 Jan 2007
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Grado's SR60 headphones are among the most expensive in this test.

They look old fashioned, with hard, textured plastic and raised silver lettering around the drivers. You can peer through the vents at the wires and solder inside each driver, but the headphones feel rugged and are extremely comfortable to wear. They come with two metres of thick, inflexible cable.

The open back design lets sound pass through, making this one of the most leaky sets here. This could prove a problem if you want to listen to music at high volumes in public. The headphones need a louder than average input, too, so they're not ideal for a quiet MP3 player.

The SR60 headphones sound better than any other headphones we've tested. Acoustic and electric instruments and vocals were even and balanced in all the music we tried, and our folk and classical test tracks were reproduced with astounding detail and clarity. If you want headphones to bring out the best in any music, this is the set to get.

Grado SR-60 Scores 8.9 out of 10 based on 14 reviews

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