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28 Nov 2012
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Capable Bluetooth headphones, but too expensive given the sound quality

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Supertooth’s Melody Bluetooth headphones are small and light enough to sling in a rucksack, even if they don’t fold flat. An expandable headband and rotating ear cups are all you get in terms of adjustment, but we still found them comfortable to wear, even in the gym.

SuperTooth Melody

On-ear forward, backward and play/pause controls are within easy reach; volume buttons and integrated microphone are on the outer bezel. Calls sounded clear on both ends, but music was a different story. It uses A2DP, rather than AptX, which provides greater device compatibility but inferior sound. The majority of the frequency range is dull and lacks clarity, with dominant bass.

SuperTooth Melody

There are cheaper Bluetooth headphones, and the Melody doesn’t have sound quality that matches its price.

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