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Pioneer launches new speakers

  • Pioneer SP-FS51-LR
  • Pioneer SP-C21
  • Pioneer SP-BS21

Pioneer has expanded its home audio line-up with a new series of speakers from designer Andrew Jones, with models built for both music and home theatre use.

The company's first announced speaker set is a pair of bookshelf models, the SP-BS21-LR and the SP-BS41-LR. Designed for music system use where floor-standing speakers are just too large, or as rear speakers in a surround-sound configuration, the base model features an 80W maximum input power to drive a 1in soft dome tweeter and a 4in woofer while the higher-end version upgrades to a 130W maximum input power and a 5.24in woofer.

If you've got the room, Pioneer's next speaker set might be of more interest: the SP-FS51-LR is a floor-standing version of the SP-BS41-LR, and takes the 130W input power of its bookshelf brethren to power three 5.25in woofers and a single 1in soft dome tweeter.

For home cinema use, the above speakers can be paired with Pioneer's latest centre speaker, the SP-C21. With the same 1in tweeter as featured in the other speaker models and a pair of 5.25" woofers, the SP-C21 is designed to provide high-fidelity centre channel audio from a home theatre system.

Finally, Pioneer has rounded out the new range with a bass-reflex sub-woofer, the SW-8. Featuring a variable 40Hz to 150Hz crossover frequency and an 8in woofer, the 100W unit should provide a fair amount of kick to home theatre audio.

The speakers are available in the US now priced between $79 (around £50) and $199 (around £130), but UK pricing has yet to be announced.

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