Samsung HW-F750 soundbar confirmed for CES 2013 appearance

6 Jan 2013

The Samsung HW-F750 flagship soundbar for 2013 will make its debut at CES tomorrow, revealing new connected features and vacuum tube amplificaton

Samsung has announced its top-end digital audio line-up for 2013, ahead of tomorrow's unveiling at CES. The HW-F750 soundbar is the star of the show, building vacuum tube amplifier into a soundbar for the first time.

The HW-F750 has clearly been designed with user convenience in mind - it has an integrated SoundShare function will let users wirelessly connect the soundbar to a TV via Bluetooth (although we don't yet know if this is via some sort of dongle, or only to compatible Samsung TVs) and uses an integrated gyroscope detects the soundbar's orientation, gauging height and rotation to optimize audio quality for either horizontal or vertical positioning.

Samsung HW-F750

It turns on automatically when the TV is turned on using Samsung's AirtrackOn feature, and can be controlled with a TV remote control. A separate wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere in a room without worrying about cables, and the all-metal design with protruding vacuum tube amplifier looks incredibly stylish.

Samsung claims the vacuum tube amplifier will provide "pure power and warm, natural sound" that other soundbars can't compete with - we'll know once we get to hear it on the CES show floor over the coming days. Until then, we won't know about UK pricing or availability, but we'll be sure to check with Samsung's representatives.

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