Gigabyte P2532 goes after gamers with new laptop line

P2532 series includes a gaming model and two media models

17 Jan 2012
Gigabyte P2532

Gigabyte has confirmed the impending launch of three new laptops, as it looks to expand its markets beyond its traditional motherboard and graphics card manufacturing.

"Gigabyte has long been a leader in the gaming motherboard market and we have taken our expertise to design high-end notebooks", explained Richard Ma, senior executive vice president of Gigabyte. "With the P2532 series, we have developed a line of premium products that feature exceptional performance, but at an affordable price to achieve the best value for users."

The first of the three laptops is the P2532F gaming-class laptop, which boasts an Intel Core i7-2670QM quad-core processor and Nvidia GT 555M graphics processor with 2GB of dedicated memory for smooth gameplay. Borrowing from the company's multimedia notebook line, the P2532F also includes a Blu-ray combo drive, a Full HD 1080p display and an audio system boasting THX TruStudio Pro technology, four stereo speakers and a single woofer speaker.

The design of the laptop includes a clever dual vent and dual heat-sink design which, Gigabyte claims, offers a powerful cooling effect for the system's components even during prolonged use, extending the lifespan of the device.

The P2532F is to be joined by the P2532H and P2532S, a pair of multimedia notebooks offering an Nvidia GT 555M or GT 550M graphics processor respectively, along with the same Full HD 1080p display and Blu-ray combo drive of the gaming equivalent. An included HDMI 1.4 output will also allow the device to play back 3D Blu-ray content, Gigabyte confirms, although this will require connected to an external display.

Although Gigabyte claims that all three laptops are ready for sale in international markets now, it has yet to provide official UK pricing; early pre-order details from selected retailers suggest that the company is keeping the cost low in order to compete with better-known laptop brands like Dell's Alienware.

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