Google confirms plans for an iPad competitor

14 Apr 2010
Google Tablet

Google has confirmed plans to produce a slate-style device designed to compete directly with Apple's iPad.

Google has confirmed that it is planning a slate-format device of its own, designed to compete head-to-head with Apple's iPad.

Although details of the device are still sketchy, DigitalTrends

has reported that Eric Schmidt, Google's chief executive officer, has confirmed the company's plans to build its own slate device - with the likelihood being the company is partnering with smartphone specialist HTC to create the hardware, as has happened previously with Google's Nexus One handset.

In keeping with the Nexus One, the proposed Google slate will run the Android operating system - taking a leaf out of Apple's book and porting a smartphone operating system rather than using a more powerful, desktop-oriented software package.

While this offers a simpler user interface - and one which is already optimised for use with a touch-screen - it could disappoint power users, who may find the company's choice not to use the more powerful Google Chrome OS cloud-based system originally developed for netbook use restrictive.

Although Google hasn't made any official pronouncement as to an expected launch date for the slate - or, more importantly, an idea of exactly how much such a device might cost - it's thought that it will ship before the end of the year, in order to prevent Apple gaining too large a lead in sales and becoming synonymous with the slate form factor.

With smartphones based around the Android operating system already giving the iPhone worthy competition, it remains to be seen if a slate can do the same for the iPad.

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