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FMP-X10 Sony 4K media player

New Sony 4K media player comes with 4K Netflix and 200 movie library

Posted at 11:14, 16 Apr 2014

Sony announces new FMP-X10 4K media player in the US

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Google Android TV

Google working on Android TV - the successor to Google TV you actually want?

Posted at 10:04, 07 Apr 2014

According to a leaked report, Google is working on a new TV-centric project, currently known as Android TV, which wants to take over your living room

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BT Sport

BT Sport app confirmed for Google Chromecast

Posted at 15:44, 03 Apr 2014

Premier League football on the big screen as BT Sport signs up to Chromecast

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One Chromecast sold every 4.5 seconds on UK launch

Posted at 17:42, 01 Apr 2014

The Chromecast soars on European launch, causing stores to sell-out and order more stock

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Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast out now in the UK for £30

Posted at 7:30, 19 Mar 2014

Streaming dongle available now with BBC iPlayer the first big UK app

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Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick launched to rival Google's Chromecast

Posted at 11:15, 05 Mar 2014

Roku has introduced a new HDMI Streaming Stick, which looks to upset Google's upcoming launch of its Chromecast dongle here in the UK

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New Roku Range

Roku revamps range with three new media streamers

Posted at 7:46, 25 Sep 2013

Roku updates its range of impressive media streamers and releases the range-topping Roku 3 in the UK

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Sony Smart Stick

Sony Smart Stick confirmed as Google TV-equipped Chromecast rival

Posted at 14:53, 17 Sep 2013

Sony has confirmed the existence of its Google TV-powered Smart Stick, an HDMI dongle set to take on Google's own Chromecast

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Google Nexus Q

Google Nexus Q media streamer killed off?

Posted at 10:16, 18 Jan 2013

Possible successor waiting in the wings to take on Apple TV

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Xbox 360

Microsoft Xbox TV rumoured for 2013 launch

Posted at 9:55, 22 Nov 2012

Set-top box design looks to take on Google TV, Apple TV

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Google Chromecast review

Google Chromecast

Category: Gadgets
Rating: 4 out of 5
Price: £30
Naim UnitiLite review

Naim UnitiLite

Category: Media streamers
Rating: 4 out of 5
Price: £1,650
SONY HAP-S1 HDD Audio Player System review

SONY HAP-S1 HDD Audio Player System

Category: Media streamers
Rating: 3 out of 5
Price: £799
Pure Evoke F4 review

Pure Evoke F4

Category: Media streamers
Rating: 4 out of 5
Price: £180
Sonos Play:1 review

Sonos Play:1

Category: Media streamers
Rating: 5 out of 5
Price: £169

How to fix a Windows Vista or 7 corrupt user profile: The User Profile Service failed the logon

If you're getting a "The User Profile Service failed the logon" message in Windows 7 or Vista, don't panic - we show you how to fix it and enable the hidden Administrator account

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The 55 best Android apps for 2014

[UPDATED 16th April] We take a look at the best everyday Android apps for 2014

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Worried about Google reading your emails? Take control of Gmail's email privacy settings

Google is reading all your emails to show you "tailored advertising". We explain how to regain some control

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Best Android phones to buy in 2014

UPDATED 11/04/2014 - What are the best Android phones to buy in 2014? Read our guide to find out...

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Best mobile phones to buy in 2014

UPDATED 11/04/2014 - What's the best mobile phone to buy in 2014? Read our guide to find out...

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