Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE has HD display

Large 1280x720 display dominates the front of its latest creation

27 Sep 2011
Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE

Samsung has released details of its next-generation Galaxy smartphone ahead of the expected launch of Apple's iPhone 5 next month, and it comes with a headline-grabbing feature: a 720p high-definition display.

While the screen on the existing Galaxy S II is impressive enough, featuring the company's Super AMOLED Plus technology, its successor goes above and beyond: the 4.65in Super AMOLED HD display features a 1280x720 resolution giving it a pixel density of 316 pixels per inch.

That's respectably close to Apple's much-hyped 'retina' display on the iPhone 4, which has a lower resolution of 960x640 but a smaller 3.5in size to hit a pixel density high of 326ppi. It's also a significant improvement over the existing Galaxy S II, which offers a 4in display with a mere 800x480 resolution at a pixel density of 233ppi.

Samsung's latest creation isn't, strictly speaking, a Galaxy S II successor, however: the company is branding it as the Galaxy S II HD LTE, adding in both the HD screen and Long Term Evolution high-speed mobile broadband capabilities to the existing model's design.

The move will be welcomed by those who like to watch films on their mobile device, as the new handset features the same 16:9 aspect ratio as a widescreen TV. The processor has also been boosted from 1.2GHz to 1.5GHz, and Near-Field Communication - an option on the Galaxy S II in some markets - is included as standard.

Thus far, Samsung has not announced any time scale for a launch outside its native Korea.

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