EE announces UK 4G contract, SIM-only pricing

Misses the point of 4G speeds with strict data caps

23 Oct 2012
Samsung Galaxy S III

EE, the UKs first and only 4g network provider, has officially announced pricing for its high-speed Long Term Evolution (LTE) network - and it's not a promising start for the service.

Due to launch on the 30th of October, EE's service will start at £36 per month with unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 500MB of data transfer allowance. From there, tiers increase the amount of data transfer permitted each month up to a maximum of 8GB, available on the top-end £56 per month contract. All contracts include a subsidy on a 4G-capable smartphone, although only the lower-end Huawei Ascend P1 LTE is available for free - and even then only on the £41 a month 1GB tier and higher. All packages are 24-month contracts.

For customers who have already bought a 4G-capable phone elsewhere, EE will be launching SIM-only packages on the 9th of November starting at £21 a month for 500MB, £26 a month for 1GB, £31 a month for 3GB, £36 a month for 5GB and topping out at £41 a month for 8GB. Unlike the subsidised contracts, all SIM-only packages are on a 12-month agreement.

While EE's lack of harsh conditions - with tethering, where a smartphone is used as a hotspot to provide mobile broadband access to other devices like laptops or tablets, and voice-over-IP (VoIP) support included as standard - is to be praised, its data usage limits are a little restrictive with no unlimited packages.

EE, for its part, has claimed that its usage limits are based on the average data transferred by its existing customers. It also promises to send texts and cut off the data connection when the limit is reached to avoid over-payments

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