Aiptek MobileCinema A50P pico projector launched for Android devices

Pocket-sized projector includes MHL support, doubles as emergency charger

27 Nov 2012
Aiptek A50P

Aiptek has officially launched its latest pocket-sized pico-projector, the MobileCinema A50P, aimed directly at Android smartphone and tablet devices.

The slimline projector, which measures just 132mm x 71mm and is a mere 14mm tall, is capable of projecting a 640x480 (VGA) resolution image of between 6in and 60in diagonal on surfaces up to 2m away at at brightness of 35 ANSI lumens. While that's not enough to replace your TV, for an on-the-go device it's perfectly acceptable - and its pocketable 165g weight helps make up for any image quality deficiencies.

As a mobile-friendly device, the A50P has been designed with the needs of smartphone users in mind: as well as a micro-HDMI connector, the system includes Mobile High-definition Link (MHL) support. As a result, it can charge a smartphone at the same time as being used as a projector, tapping in to its own 1,850mAh lithium-polymer battery to provide extra runtime. With the projector switched off, it can also be used as a stand-alone power bank to provide an emergency charge.

Based on Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology and a low-power LED light source, the A50P has a claimed 1,000:1 contrast ratio and an overall lifetime of 20,000 hours before the LED burns out. A carry case and a USB cable are included, and is ready to go out-of-the-box for MHL-compatible devices. Those who wish to use micro-HDMI, however, will need to buy an optional adapter.

The Aiptek MobileCinema A50P is available now, priced at £330.

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