Apple iOS 6 maps warnings issued by Australian police

Apple's iOS 6 maps app could redirect smartphone users through the potentially deadly Murray-Sunset National Park

10 Dec 2012
Apple iOS 6 maps

Apple's iOS 6 Maps app has been misdirecting users in Australia, leading Aussie police to warn owners against using it after numerous motorists found themselves stranded in the borders of a national park in the height of summer.

Local police in Mildura have asked motorists to consider using alternative mapping software following a number of cases of drivers becoming lost within the middle of the Murray-Sunset National Park. Apple Maps, which is the company's attempt to reduce its reliance on Google, shows Mildura as being in the centre of the park - approximately 44 miles from its actual location.

For those relying on Apple Maps' turn-by-turn navigation functionality, police claim it could be a fatal error: the park has no water supply and can reach temperatures of 46 degrees, leaving motorists at risk of dehydration and - should they run out of fuel on the journey - potentially even death.

While that may seem dramatic, local police claim to have been called by motorists stranded in the park for up to 24 hours without food or water, and who have had to walk long distances to get mobile phone coverage after their vehicle ran out of fuel. With the temperature of the Murray-Sunset National Park combining with some of the most dangerous terrain in Australia, it's easy to see how a simple mistake in Apple's mapping data could lead to serious consequences.

According to a statement to press from Mildura police, Apple is now aware of the issue but visitors to Mildura or other areas of Victoria should use alternative mapping software until the issue is confirmed to have been resolved.

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