Whited00r brings iOS 6 features to old iPhone, iPod Touch devices

The Apple iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch can all get iOS 6 features using the new Whited00r exploit

14 Dec 2012

Apple's latest revision of its iOS mobile operating system, iOS 6, is officially only available on devices reaching back to the iPhone 3GS but a new software release from the jailbreaking community looks to bring support for a sub-set of iOS 6 features to older devices.

Dubbed Whited00r, the software isn't a true port of Apple's iOS 6: pre-iPhone 3GS devices lack the memory and processing power to run Apple's latest mobile operating system. Instead, developers have taken key features from iOS 6 and grafted them on to an older iOS release that will run acceptably on less powerful hardware, creating a chimeric operating system that might let users put off upgrading for another couple of generations.

According to a write-up of the software's features by Redmond Pie, Whited00r 6 includes the new Notification Centre previously exclusive to iOS 6, along with an alternative to Apple's iCloud service for web-based backups. The overall look and feel of the operating system has been tweaked to look like iOS 6, and it includes the same reminders, AppSwitcher, and the ability to install iOS 3-compatible applications long since removed from the official App Store.

The Whited00r 6 release is compatible with Apple's iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G, along with the first- and second-generation iPod Touch media players - all devices which no longer receive software updates from Apple. The software requires that the device be jailbroken - a simple process that allows third-party, un-Apple-approved software to be installed.

Instructions on installation, plus the free firmware update itself, can be found on the official Whited00r website.

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