THX launches Tune-Up app for iPhone and iPad

THX has introduced its Tune-Up app, which is designed to provide an easy way to tweak home theatre settings for maximum quality

30 Jan 2013
THX Tune-up app

THX has announced the launch of its first ever mobile application, THX Tune-Up, which is designed to make setting up a home entertainment system for maximum audiovisual fidelity as simple as possible.

Available for Apple's iPhone and iPad gadgets, although sadly not for the microphone-lacking iPod Touch, THX Tune-Up attempts to make the sometimes complicated task of getting a home cinema system configured as simple as possible. After connecting the iPad or iPhone to the TV, home theatre system or even an Apple TV in mirror mode, users are walked through the video and audio settings using a variety of THX-approved tests driven by the iOS device.

Video settings tested and adjusted by the app include aspect ratio, brightness, contrast, colour and tint, while audio settings include checking the speakers are wired in the correct order and that all speakers are in phase. While not designed to provide full cinemaphile-class calibration - with that being left to THX's professional-level THX Calibrator Blu-ray - it's a handy tool for quickly improving fidelity.

Additionally, the app includes the ability to access bonus THX-themed content, including playing back THX trailers, the 'Deep Note' and 'Moo' noises, and access to an 'Ask Tex' forum where THX engineers can be quizzed on details of home theatre equipment regardless of manufacturer or model.

"By using the THX tune-up app, sports fans, movie enthusiasts, gamers and even reality show addicts can confirm their TV and sound system are set up correctly. THX tune-up guides consumers simply and easily through picture and sound adjustments to get the best possible entertainment experience from their home system," Sandra Benedetto, director of product management at THX, said about the app. "We also included fun stuff, like links to THX cinema trailers and our signature THX Deep Note sound that are bound to evoke envy on a newly ‘tuned-up’ system."

The app is available for free until the 4th of February on the iTunes Store, after which THX will begin to charge to install the software.

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